INDIEpendence Day Sale – $2.99 (40% off) – Dream Brother: A Novel – Kindle Ebook


Happy 4th of July.

Be safe, and in the spirit of independence, buy an indie book.

Also, don’t blow your fingers off and definitely leash your dog so he doesn’t wage war on your campground.



“Meth, memories, and monsters.”

The Amazon Kindle version of Dream Brother is $2.99 (40% off) until midnight, July 4th, 2014. Here are the links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK



Dream Brother: A Novel by Brian Marggraf


San Francisco, California. Fifty hills surrounded by the cold waters of the ocean and the bay. City of rebellion and revolution. Smothered by fog daily.

This is the place where Jacob Gavel grew up, the place he ran away from at twenty, and the place he never thought he’d come back to.

The city’s in the middle of its second financial renaissance. A century and a half earlier, gold nuggets. In the year 2000, silicon microchips. The dot-com boom created hundreds of new companies, swollen with capital and potential, profitable only in theory, run by young professionals with a lot of disposable income.

After Jacob, a fledgling sculptor, leaves a failed marriage and flees New York City, he returns home, welcomed by his mentally ill mother, subordinate father, and successful sister. As he settles in, he discovers a family secret. He had a twin brother who died in the womb right next to him. When the shock wears off, his reality becomes clear. He’s alone, broke, and unemployed. In an attempt to rebuild his life, he takes a low-paying job as a mental health case manager, but with all the tech money flooding the city, his childhood friend, Paul, has a better idea.

His fresh start spoils. Events trigger his dreams, and his dreams resurrect childhood memories, propelling him forward on a sleep-deprived, speed-fueled mission to find recognition, love, and revenge.


6 thoughts on “INDIEpendence Day Sale – $2.99 (40% off) – Dream Brother: A Novel – Kindle Ebook

  1. I loved the trailer, or synopsis which was so vivid, it could have been a video. This makes me want to read about Jacob. I love the foreshadowing, the fog, the mystery-mental health-and the fact that a childhood friend is still there for Jacob. I like the idea of being propelled to find love, recognition and revenge enfolded in dreams and memories. Maybe because I also had a sister die just before me with my name, I found this compelling. I like the name. I think, when a closely born sibling dies, the other lives for two!

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  2. Very interesting premise. I tried to upload the digital kindle…alas I am kindless haha. I like the story layout. My style seems like James Joyce..If James Joyce was a Norse Warlock…great overall presentation 🙂

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  3. love the video of independance day fireworks, good luck with your book … did the dog survive – when first looked, thought it was some crazy cowboy shooting at him, not a dog with a rocket


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