2nd novel…

Even though I’m super stressed and distracted, I managed to write another 6 pages today, for my 2nd novel, got about 70 pages total now. Only about 200-300 more to go…

Quote: Typewriter or keyboard…



14 thoughts on “2nd novel…

  1. Are you giving out any hints yet as to the general story line? Also I have been really curious, if you’re open to sharing, how many downloads and copies of Dream Brother have you sold/given out since its release? Seems like you’ve been rocking.


  2. I admire the quote because mainly this is all there is to writing. I’ve cranked out about 100 “book” pages for one project and about 50 “book” pages to another project. But, like an great procrastinator, film school has become an obstacle, while being tired is another issue. This is a great reminder. I need to finish. Thanks Indiehero.

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