Free ebook – Dream Brother: A Novel – Mother’s Day only

#103 on Amazon’s Lit Fic free list, and #75 on Amazon.Uk – Help me reach the top. Download your free copy now, back to $2.99 tomorrow…

Indie Hero

“Dreams are just nightmares that haven’t turned yet.”

Dream Brother is free on Mother’s Day, May 8th, 2016.

If you download a free copy, all that I ask is that you leave a review. Thank you.

Here are the links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

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San Francisco, California. Fifty hills surrounded by the cold waters of the ocean and the bay. City of rebellion and revolution. Smothered by fog daily.

This is the place where Jacob Gavel grew up, the place he ran away from at twenty, and the place he never thought he’d come back to.

The city’s in the middle of its second financial…

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