Dream Brother: A Novel

San Francisco, California. Fifty hills surrounded by the cold waters of the ocean and the bay. City of rebellion and revolution. Smothered by fog daily.

This is the place where Jacob Gavel grew up, the place he ran away from at twenty, and the place he never thought he’d come back to.

The city’s in the middle of its second financial renaissance. A century and a half earlier, gold nuggets. In the year 2000, silicon microchips. The dot-com boom created hundreds of new companies, swollen with capital and potential, profitable only in theory, run by young professionals with a lot of disposable income.

After Jacob, a fledgling sculptor, leaves a failed marriage and flees New York City, he returns home, welcomed by his mentally ill mother, subordinate father, and successful sister. As he settles in, he discovers a family secret. He had a twin brother who died in the womb right next to him. When the shock wears off, his reality becomes clear. He’s alone, broke, and unemployed. In an attempt to rebuild his life, he takes a low-paying job as a mental health case manager, but with all the tech money flooding the city, his childhood friend, Paul, has a better idea.

His fresh start spoils. Events trigger his dreams, and his dreams resurrect childhood memories, propelling him forward on a sleep-deprived, speed-fueled mission to find recognition, love, and revenge.




100 thoughts on “Dream Brother: A Novel

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  2. sure sounds like a good read. I will include it in my to-read list and you [as in your blog] are definitely being followed by me. Thanks for following my blog.


  3. Story sounds great! Will definitely want it on my reading list and will surely post a review if I get my hands on the book. Good luck !


  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! I can’t wait to read this book! I’m born and raised in the East Bay and am familiar with SF. What you mentioned above regarding mental health issues….resonated with me. Some of my writings have been about that topic as a healing process.

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  5. I’m ordering your book today because: 1. It sounds unique and interesting. 2. You do a marvelous job at marketing. I love that you set up a table and sell. 3. You liked my blog! Keep on writing. Smiling

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    • Thanks for your comment and thanks for getting my book. Much appreciated. I am selling again this weekend in Manhattan, in front of The Strand Bookstore in Union Square. Should be a great day. Trying to do as many days as I can until winter sets in…


  6. Hi 🙂 Thank you for following my blog “Oldsouls” even tough I’m so new and have no experience at all. You are already a writer so I will follow your blog with great interest.


  7. Congratulations on publishing your book! It reads like a movie waiting to happen! I am impressed with the large following you have. Obviously you worked hard to get there. What’s the secret? Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. Much appreciated.


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  9. Hi Brian, thanks for following my blog. I just looked at your book on Amazon and it’s had some fabulous reviews! As soon as I’m finished with my bedside stack of books I’m going to purchase yours. All the best to you – Sue

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