Spotlight Interview – Author Brian Marggraf

My latest interview, live now on

11 thoughts on “Spotlight Interview – Author Brian Marggraf

  1. Brian,

    Loved the interview and I learned a little more about you. I love your last line about the brilliant author no one knows about. Not sure if you ever read The Artist’s Way, but in it Julia Cameron says something to the effect that it’s audacity that allows an artist to reach his or her goals. You are audacious and I like seeing it work for you.

    I admit I haven’t read but your sample–which I really enjoyed–but it will be the next book I buy. I feel like a disloyal follower saying that…sorry!


  2. Hello Brian. I came across your site after you started following LOCUS, the blog I just launched today. Thank you for following me, I hope you enjoyed reading my words. I just read this interview and found your perspective quite interesting. As a writer working on my first book and just nearing the point of submitting to agents, etc, it was quite informative for me to hear about your own experience with your book. Congratulations on “Dream Brother”, it looks like a fascinating read.

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  3. Good interview, Brian. I certainly support your points about quality control in self-publishing – that’s the reality of it. And the baggies idea… hilariously awesome.

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