Singulus Books – Quality fiction, one title at a time.

A stroke of good luck courtesy of the NYC permit dept: “no permit required if you sell newspapers, periodicals, BOOKS, pamphlets, or other written matter.”

In the fall, stepping things up, starting a mobile, pop-up bookstore in Manhattan.

Strategically placed in front of high-traffic locations like Barnes & Noble’s flagship store in Union Square…



or the legendary Strand Bookstore.



Singulus Books – Quality fiction, one title at a time.

Starting with mine, of course…

If this experiment goes well, other titles may follow, becoming a paid service offered to indie authors.

If you can’t get your book into mainstream bookstores, start your own…


41 thoughts on “Singulus Books – Quality fiction, one title at a time.

  1. Nice one! Over here in the possibly soon to be Untied Kingdom a group called Wag Tongues from S.W.Scotland have been running pop-ups, and are bringing one to our book featival in Carlisle (England) in September. Good luck with yours! BHD

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  2. What a great idea. It will be interesting to see how much flack is going to fly facing off with these big guns.
    And how the city will respond. That will be a story within the story.

    Good luck and Tubularsock will be interested on your updates.

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  3. Love the idea, but don’t know how it will work in Hawaii where there is a lack of bookstores. Anyway, thanks for following me on If you’re interested in a site that deals only with my books you might take a look at – Thanks again and Aloha – pjs.

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  4. Like many who commented, I wish you well and wonder how this will play out. Is there some regulation about blocking a sidewalk that will snag you? Maybe you’ll have to keep moving, like picketers do (?) Somehow I doubt the B&N staff will bring you a cup of coffee and a scone for your efforts. Take a copy of the regulation with you, I’d think, to show whichever cop gets sent to rouse you out and Good Luck.

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  5. For the past year, I’ve been getting my feet wet in Photoshop and Illustrator. My goal is to be proficient enough to make my own designs for branding. I am getting better, but I’m still reliant on pre-made vectors, tutorials and somebody else’s images. I know I’m getting better because I caught myself the other day in the middle of a project saying, “if I can’t find it, I’ll make it.”

    Such attitudes should cross over to many things.
    Good luck in your endeavors, sir.

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  7. Hey thanks for dropping by my children’s book blog. I like the idea, make the most out of what NYC permit has exempted from it’s long list of permit-required things. used to live there up until a few months ago. Hey man more power to you and hope the idea goes ablaze 😀

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